DRB-HICOM believes firmly that it owes a duty of care to the markets in which it operates. As one of Malaysia’s leading conglomerates, we are aware that our business activities have a direct influence on the marketplace, and we strive to ensure that our impact is positive. It is thus vital for us to exercise care in all that we do, to ensure that DRB-HICOM continues to represent a positive influence on the social landscape.

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) activities are founded on the four pillars of Community, Marketplace, Workplace and Environment. Our CR activities are targeted at improving the wellbeing of those around us and the environment in which we operate to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Guided by the Group’s vision of conducting its business operations in a responsible way, DRB-HICOM earnestly strives to uphold its Corporate Responsibility commitments to achieving strong environmental and social performance. As a Group that looks ahead to the future, DRB-HICOM remains steadfast in its commitments to nourish the country through its Corporate Responsibility efforts.





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