Aerospace & Defence

DRB-HICOM plays a key role in the nation’s defence industry through DEFTECH, a premier contractor involved in developing, manufacturing and supplying armoured and logistics vehicles for the military and homeland security.

In the aviation industry, award-winning CTRM supplies global giants of the aerospace industry with composite parts for aeroplanes.


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DRB-HICOM’s acquisition of PROTON in 2012, alongside the development of a complete automotive ecosystem – ranging from vehicle design and development, component manufacturing, assembly, inspection and distribution to sales and after sales service – all point to the fact that that we are comprehensively and completely dedicated to the improvement, advancement and elevation of the Malaysian automotive industry, and the strengthening of our role in it.

The DRB-HICOM Automotive Complex in Pekan, Pahang has helped entrench its position as the country’s single largest automotive hub, and our position as the premier automotive manufacturer and distributor in the country.

We have a proven reputation to attract international manufacturers, with supply chains and logistical networks to achieve the critical mass and momentum needed to propel Pekan into a top-tier automaker for the ASEAN market.  The complex assembles about 17,000 units of vehicles annually, with top brands like Mercedes, Suzuki, and Isuzu as part of our product line.

DRB-HICOM is a leading defence contractor in Malaysia, involved with the development, assembly and distribution of military vehicles for the Malaysian Armed Forces. DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (DEFTECH) is the Group’s flagship defence company, which continues to innovate new and enhanced land and sea defence units.

Automotive Distribution

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Manufacturing & Engineering

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Bank Muamalat is a leading full-fledged Islamic bank driven to consistently deliver value to its stakeholders and society via its network of 67 branches located across 14 states nationwide.

It offers an extensive array of shariah-compliant products including hire purchase, personal loans mortgage and credit cards. The bank caters to both personal as well as business banking customers.


Pos Malaysia is the national postal service provider and sole licensee for universal postal services in the country. In operation for over 200 years, the company has diversified beyond the traditional provision of mail and parcel delivery to also offer retail, logistics, and are also a service provider in the aviation industry.

To meet the changing market demands and evolving customer needs, Pos Malaysia has begun a transformation journey to better serve its customers. Among others, it has introduced full weekend operations for its courier as well as retail operations, starting with high-volume areas and eventually extending the service nationwide.


Education, vehicle inspection, aviation services, logistics services and air freighting forms DRB-HICOM’s portfolio in the Services Sector.

Covering the length and breadth of the country and even beyond our shores, these companies complement DRB-HICOM’s already extensive footprint in Malaysia.


Most of the DRB-HICOM’s land banks are in prime growth areas that are the target of prospective buyers.   As a developer of choice, the Group’s product offerings have always seen strong take-up rates even in challenging times, and are expected to continue to be well-received and to rise significantly in market value.

We are focused on product design, competitive pricing and product differentiation as buyers are now looking for competitively priced products in strategic areas which would provide them with competitive return on investments.

Property, Asset & Construction

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