DRB-HICOM University (DRB-HICOM U) is owned by HICOM University College Sdn. Bhd (HUCSB), a subsidiary wholly owned by DRB-HICOM Berhad. With approval from The Ministry of Higher Education, DRB-HICOM U was officially established on 2 April 2010.

DRB-HICOM U serves two major roles. As a private educational institution, DRB-HICOM U is committed to produce a cadre of skilled professionals to join the workforce in the automotive sector. It also serves as an institution which enables workers for the DRB Group of Companies to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. Complementing the automotive industry through sustainable development of human capital is the primary goal of DRB-HICOM U’s establishment.

DRB-HICOM U plays an active role within the Group in realising the national aspiration for creating a knowledgeable and skillful workforce as prescribed in the New Economic Model by providing a continuous flow of trained and skilled workers to the Malaysian automotive industry.



To be ASEAN’s Premier Innovation, Research and Education Institution for the Automotive Ecosystem, based on our philosophy of Sustainable Development.


Committed to nurturing Global Entrepreneurial Leaders and producing Innovative and Sustainable services and products for ASEAN’s Automotive Ecosystem and Services Industries. This will be achieved by our Research and Teaching being recognised for its;

Global Competitiveness &  Partnerships
Contribution to Sustainable Development


Decorum | Integrity | Teamwork | Excellence | Innovation| Quality | Transparency


dhu-campusDRB-HICOM U is situated on a 42 acre campus located in Pekan, Pahang – adjacent to the DRB-HICOM Automotive Complex. The Groups has invested RM360 million to build a conducive campus environment where students will experience modern facilities complete with comfortable classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops for hands-on practical training to accommodate more than 7000 students.

The campus’ Chancellery Hall can hold maximum capacity of 1,200 pax at a time. University Village comprises of 3 towers for student accommodation. The campus is also equipped with outdoor sports facilities with 2 futsal courts, and other courts for tennis, sepak takraw, netball and volleyball.

The campus also offers two faculties namely Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Business Management. Their modern, flexible teaching methods and industry links produce an unrivalled record of graduate employment.




DRB-HICOM U has received 93 awards as at 31  May 2016. Amongst the significant awards are:

  • Special Award from “World Invention Intellectual Property Associations” at the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-Envex 2016), UniMap, Perlis
  • Best Category for Class B (Automotive, Transportation and Industrial Design) at the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-Envex 2015), UniMap, Perlis
  • Special Award “ Leading Innovation Award” at the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-Envex 2014), UniMap, Perlis
  • Special Award from Bulgarian Union of Inventors at the 29th Annual Invention and New Product   Exposition (INPEX) 2014 InventHelp, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Special Award for Prize of the Polish Inventors & Rationalizers at The World Contest of Innovation, Research and New Technology 2013 (Brussels Innova 62nd Edition) in Belgium


  • Multimedia University for BBA (Hons) Marketing Management
  • Universiti Malaysia Pahang for Bachelor Industrial Technology Management
  • Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia for Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Pg.Cert in Supply Chain Management with Warwick Manufacturing Group, Univ. of Warwick, UK
  • Liverpool John Moores University for BEng. (Hons) Manufacturing System Engineering
  • University of Warwick for Post Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain & Logistics Management


Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)
  • Students will be awarded with BTEC HND L5. Students can pursue into 2nd year of a bachelor degree programme in Universities in UK, Australia & New Zealand
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • One of the largest engineering institutions with over 167,000 members and most multidisciplinary to reflect diverse nature of engineering
UKAS Quality Management
  • Delivery of ISO 9001 certification



In-house Engine Development for 175 CC bike (in collaboration with GRAZ Tech Univ., Austria)


Exploration on feasibility of welding health-hazard index (WHI) for Safety and Health Enhancement in indoor welding environment at DEFTECH (AV8 assembly department)


Development of material properties and characterisation for simultaneous engineering analysis and parameter setting in simulation software