Akademi Saga is dedicated to the educational development of the automotive industry. It was established in 1991 as an extension of EON’s (Circular Otomobil Nasional Bhd) commitment to Malaysia’s automobile industry and offers a full range of diplomas, certificates and short courses. Like DRB-HICOM U it is 100% owned by HICOM University Sdn Bhd.

Academy Highlights

  • Exceptional hands-on learning system
  • Recognised by the Malaysian automotive industry
  • High-tech equipment & facilities
  • Experienced teachers who are experts in the automotive field
  • Competitive tuition fees offering great value
  • Access to companies within DRB-HICOM


  • Sijil Servis Automotif Tahap 2
  • Sijil Servis Automotif Tahap 3
  • Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 4
  • Sijil Pegawai Vokasional
  • Kursus Jangka Pendek