DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (DEFTECH)  is a premier defence company that sets the standard in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying armoured and logistics vehicles for both military and homeland security use. DEFTECH is also the preferred supplier for specialised vehicles and commercial busses. The Company is synonymous with excellent land systems maintenance repair and overhaul capabilities, and recently extended its range into the domains of aerospace, composite structures, unmanned systems and system integration.

Its long-term strategy is to develop an indigenous land combat system as well as an airborne surveillance, control and combat system through strategic collaborations with various stakeholders. In doing so, DEFTECH aims to become Malaysia’s best and most comprehensive defence contractor.

In a recent show of commercial success in service of the nation, DEFTECH delivered the first set of 12 AV8s to our defence forces on schedule in December 2014. In addition, DEFTECH also delivered an additional 5 units ahead of schedule in February 2015. The AV8s were subsequently deployed in Lahad Datu, and proved to exceed operational expectations.

CTRM, a subsidiary of DEFTECH, has established itself as a Center of Excellence for composite aerostructures, supplying to top global aerospace companies and aircraft manufacturers. With five subsidiary companies under its wing, CTRM’s expertise spans the commercial and military aerospace-and-non-aerospace, general aviation and defence industries.