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The first Mercedes S class assembler outside of Germany

The Group has eight world class assembly plants. Four of them are for motor vehicles – three at the integrated assembly complex in Pekan, and one is the Honda plant in Melaka. There are also four motorcycle assembly plants, one each for MODENAS, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

The integrated complex in Pekan, Pahang is the crown jewel of assembly operations. Designed for passenger, commercial and defence vehicles, it has a proven reputation to attract international manufacturers, with supply chains and logistical network to achieve the critical mass and momentum needed to propel Pekan as the serious automaker for the ASEAN market.

Its rising role as the regional centre for the local assembly of international marques culminated in the award to assemble the Mercedes S class – it became the first plant outside Germany to be accorded the privilege.

The complex assembles about 17,000 units of vehicles annually, with brands ranging from Mercedes, Suzuki, and Isuzu. This has further entrenched DRB-HICOM’s position as the country’s single largest automotive manufacturer and distributor.

Designated as an automotive hub by the government in 2006, the integrated complex serves as the springboard for DRB-HICOM’s thrust to become a regional CKD Hub. Known for efficient production standards and exceptional quality control standards, it consists of four operational areas:
HICOM Automotive Manufacturers that have multi-model assembly lines for passenger vehicles
Isuzu Plant that specialises in commercial vehicles
DEFTECH that is designed for military vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. It has a customised NATO-certified test track.
Pre-Delivery Inspection Centre that facilitates the importation of vehicles up to final delivery to dealerships

The second automotive assembly plant is Honda Malaysia, established exclusively for Honda models. It also manufactures related parts and accessories.

Like Honda, the four motorcycle assembly plants are dedicated brand operations for MODENAS, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. We assemble engines & component parts for Honda and Yamaha and finished motorcycles for Suzuki and our very own brand, MODENAS. Each is a stand-alone unit, involved in the complete chain – from downstream component manufacturing to assembly, marketing, sales and export of the respective products.

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